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Cocktail Selections

List of Cocktails

  • Warm Spiced Mulled Wine (Gl├╝hwein)
  • Spiked Warm Apple Cider (Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Postman's Mulled Apple Cider)
  • Vanilla Spiced Egg Nog (with Bourbon)
  • Christmas Smoothie (Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon & Splash of Goldschlager)
  • Rolf's Holiday Martini (Bailey's Original Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liquor)
  • Red Velvet Martini (Nailey's Red Velvet Cream Liquor and Vodka)
  • Burnt Toasted Almond (Bailey's Espresso Cream, Vodka, Amaretto)
  • Bulleit Manhattan (Bulleit Rye or Bourbon, Splash of Cherry Liquor)
  • Cran-Apple Smash (Katel One Citroen, Cranberry and Apple Juice)